Internship in Spain

Prabesh Group has collaborated with an exchange student organization in Spain to organize an Internship in Spain program that provides an opportunity for an internship in the kitchen and hospitality industry in Spain for a period of 3 – 6 months in order to Allow participants to learn and experience intensive internships in hotels or restaurants. which is a 4-5 star hotel and also have the opportunity to learn and use English and Spanish skills which are the 3rd language for the benefit of being able to continue working in the future 

 *** This is a cultural exchange program through internships and living with Spaniards. This project is not a recruitment project. or for the purpose of recruiting which project participants will receive compensation from An internship that covers everyday expenses and other expenses throughout the program in Spain

project objectives

hospitality management

Applicant qualifications

Application process

Take a preliminary English proficiency test at Interchange Thailand (free of charge)
UAS Student
Pay the application fee and the first portion of the project fee in acceptance of participation in the program.​
Prepare application documents and attend interviews with organizations and employers.
Get accepted and pay the project fee.
Prepare documents for applying for the DS-2019 license and supporting documents for visa applications.
Applying for a J-1 visa
Orientation before departure
Orientation before departure
Traveled to join the project in Spain
Traveled to join the project in the United States.

Cost of operation

Job List


Duration 3-6 months.

Can apply throughout the year Should apply at least 4-6 months before the scheduled travel schedule while still a student.

can apply Basic language preparation is provided for program participants.

Culinary, Hospitality

Open only for freshmen on the line or nearby branches who still have student status

95% of the internships have accommodation for interns

You can ask for more promotion details at WhatsApp:

+66 95 054 0067


Internship 5-6 days a week with 1-2 days off. Average internship hours are 32-40 hours per week.

Receive a minimum stipend for the internship in the amount of Euro 200 – 600 (depending on the Host company).

You can request it. However, acceptance of internships is subject to the consideration of the establishment only.

Contact your local governing body for advice and assistance.

Participants will purchase health insurance before applying for a visa.

can reserve by yourself and only make reservations after receiving a visa from the embassy

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