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The United Arab Emirates is a country in the Middle East. It is located in the south of the Arabian Gulf. North borders the Persian Gulf. West and South border with Saudi Arabia. and east next to Oman The total area of ​​the country is approximately 83,600 square kilometers. The location of the capital city of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. The climate is desert, summer and the United Arab Emirates is a country rich in energy resources. It is one of the countries with the Economic growth is the highest in the region and among the world’s most advanced economies.



It is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It has an area of ​​approximately 4,000 square kilometers. And with a population of about 2 million, Dubai is regarded as one of the most important ports in the world. and the city’s growth rate is very high There are many sources of modern architecture. Well known is the Burj Khalifa, which is said to be the tallest building in the world. Students who receive a student visa can also work part time to gain experience and practice their English skills outside of the classroom.


Able to start classes throughout the year depending on the study program And should apply at least 2-4 months before the scheduled departure

Can be provided by yourself or through the Interchange and the educational institution will help to arrange accommodation for you.

Able to apply for classes and travel in groups

Participants are required to purchase health insurance for the duration of their studies.

The United Arab Emirates is located in the Pacific area so most of the students come from regions such as Japan, Korea, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Russia.

Able to work part-time for 20 hours per week

can reserve by yourself And reservations can only be made after receiving a visa from the embassy.

UAE visa application is based on document submission only. no interview

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