Business Invitation to Europe

Why do you need a business invitation to Europe? An EU business visa is issued to those citizens who enter the country by invitation from foreign organizations for business purposes. Provides the opportunity to temporarily stay in the country for a business trip or for the purpose of a business trip. Does not give the right to study and employment during the trip in the country. To approve a multiple entry visa and a business visa, you need to get a business invitation to Europe. The process on its own is not easy, you need a partner or employer, but our company will help to speed up the process as much as possible and receive documents without errors.

Business Invitation to Europe

A business invitation to Europe will be needed for people crossing the EU border for business purposes. The document will allow you to get a European business visa, negotiate or attend conferences, but it does not always give you the right to do work on an official basis.

Making a business invitation to Europe differs from the standard visa application process.

How to get a business invitation to Europe

You urgently need to go to your partner for negotiations, but he cannot send a Business invitation? Then contact us! Our company will help you get a business invitation to Europe, including the following countries:

  1. Portugal business invitation
  2. Lithuania business invitation
  3. Estonia business invitation
  4. Business Invitation to Poland

More reasons for getting a business invitation to Europe

We will help with a business invitation to Europe in such cases:

  • You have decided to visit your friends in Europe, but it is difficult and inconvenient for them to make you a Guest invitation!
  • New job in Europe! What could be better! But the employer is ready to provide you with only a job and a decent pay, but does not want to deal with the invitation!
  • You often need to travel, business is developing, and no one knows who will become a real and reliable partner! Then you need to get a business invitation to Europe and only after it a multivisa. If you have a Multivisa, you will be able to move around the territory of the Schengen Area without obstacles!

A business invitation is a mandatory document when applying for a European business visa. If an employee of the Consulate is not satisfied with the reason for the trip, he has the right to refuse. For example, participation in an exhibition or forum is not a reason for obtaining a business visa. The invitation is filled out on the official letterhead of the inviting company with the contact details of the organization, information from the guest’s passport, information about the place of work and the date of travel, the basis for entry, costs and other data.

Europe Business Invitation Letter

Required documents to start our work

  1. Scan copy of valid Passport
  2. Scan copy of High School diploma
  3. Complete Bio-data or CV with Living Address

What you may need when applying for a visa after receiving a business invitation: Application form, 1 passport size photographs, Original passport, Copy of the passport, copy of ID card, Travel health insurance and its copy, Documents proving the purpose of the journey (eg detailed plan of the trip, fair participation payment, conference enrolment, etc.), Confirmation of sufficient financial means (eg bank statements presenting the transactions / movement for the last 3 months / or the letter from the host / sending company confirming coverage of all the trip expenses), Confirmation of employment / private business / studies (For private business — confirmation of business registration. For company employees — original letter from employer confirming the position in the company, date of employment, current salary and period of holiday granted); Round-trip flight ticket with fixed dates (reservation only); Hotel reservation or other proof of accommodation Invitation letter.

Fast process time!

Only 1-3 working days will be required to receive a business invitation to Europe with the help of our company. If you do the document yourself by trying to find partner in EU, the process will take many more days and even weeks without a guarantee. It’s simple easier and faster with us! Write and call us right now to receive a non-inviting invitation to Europe!

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