Work Permit in Europe

You will need a work permit in Europe to properly apply for work in European countries. Moving to the EU for work is a promising solution, because Europe has high wages and high quality of life. A European work permit is a lucky ticket to the future in order to move the whole family, after which you can get a residence permit in a country with modern education, medicine and technology.

Work permit in EuropeAssistance in obtaining a work permit in Europe

It is legal to obtain a work permit in Europe with the help of the inviting party (employer). On your own, you can only make an attempt to find a place in the company via the Internet, as well as acquire the necessary skills. Pay attention to the peculiarity of employment in the European Union: highly qualified workers from other countries will be accepted only when there is no worthy candidate for the same position in the EU. Our company offers advice and legal assistance to everyone who wants to obtain a work permit in Europe. We will do our best to represent your interests in obtaining a work permit in the EU, in the following countries:

  1. Portugal work permit
  2. Montenegro work permit
  3. Estonia work permit
  4. Bulgaria work permit
  5. Slovakia work permit
  6. Poland work permit
  7. Latvia work permit
  8. Czech Republic work permit

Interesting facts about work permits

It is very difficult to get a job in the EU if you do not have a residence permit or citizenship of any country in Europe. Work permits for foreigners are issued by employers. And only in cases when it takes a long time to find a local candidate for a vacancy. Everyone is obliged to comply with the legislation of the European Union: to hire foreigners if there are no suitable candidates left on the European territory.

Work permit in EuropeAnd in many states there are special restrictions. For example, in the Netherlands, a foreigner who had previously defended his doctorate from the University of Amsterdam was refused to take on the vacancy of a law teacher! The refusal was motivated by national reasons, despite the fact that the applicant was the most suitable. In most cases, it is unrealistic to obtain a work permit in Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, England (which left the European Union).

Here are tips on how to get a work permit in Europe. It is advisable to have an appropriate education, because you cannot work as an electrician if you are a lawyer and vice versa.

There is also illegal employment in the European Union, but we do not recommend doing this. Working illegally without a work permit, you will not receive a large salary, as well as no guarantees. There may also be legal punishment.

Who is easier to get a work permit in the EU

It is easier to obtain a work permit in Europe for specialties in demand. And here’s who are applying to quickly get a work permit in the EU:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Teachers of exact sciences
  • High-level sales managers
  • Psychologists
  • Engineers of all kinds
  • Financiers
  • Programmers and developers, IT analysts

Other applicants can also try to get a work permit in Europe, but they are less likely. The main problem is the difficulty of finding a company that will hire. And by the time you apply for a permit, it is advisable for you to have a rental housing. It is extremely difficult remotely, especially during an epidemic. Write or call us now, get a work permit in Europe quickly and

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