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Building painter job in Finland

Job Location: Finland.
Vacancies: 15 M
Job Type: Full Time
Shift: Day
Start Date: as soon as possible
Period Of Employment: 1 Year
For Internship: No

Building painter job in Finland

Job Overview:

Building Painters in Finland are skilled professionals responsible for applying paint and protective coatings to various structures, both residential and commercial. They play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal, protection, and longevity of buildings, making them an integral part of the construction and maintenance industry.


  1. Surface Preparation:
    • Prepare surfaces for painting by cleaning, scraping, sanding, and filling cracks and holes.
    • Remove old paint and deteriorated materials using appropriate tools and techniques.
    • Apply primers and sealants to create a suitable surface for painting.
  2. Paint Application:
    • Select and mix paint colors to match project specifications.
    • Apply paint or other finishes to surfaces using brushes, rollers, or spray equipment.
    • Ensure even coverage and proper paint thickness to achieve the desired finish.
    • Apply multiple coats of paint as necessary to achieve the desired color and durability.
  3. Surface Protection:
    • Apply protective coatings to surfaces to safeguard against weather, corrosion, and wear.
    • Use specialized coatings for surfaces like metal, concrete, and wood.
  4. Quality Assurance:
    • Inspect work to ensure it meets quality standards and project requirements.
    • Touch up areas that require additional attention or repairs.
  5. Safety and Compliance:
    • Follow safety guidelines and regulations, including proper handling of paints, solvents, and equipment.
    • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) as required.
  6. Cleanup and Maintenance:
    • Clean and maintain painting equipment and tools.
    • Properly dispose of paint cans, brushes, and other materials.
  7. Documentation:
    • Maintain records of paint colors, quantities used, and work completed.
    • Report any issues or deviations from project plans to supervisors.


  • Proven experience as a Building Painter in the construction or maintenance industry.
  • Proficiency in the use of painting tools, equipment, and materials.
  • Knowledge of paint mixing, color matching, and application techniques.
  • Understanding of surface preparation, priming, and coating processes.
  • Attention to detail and a keen eye for color and finish quality.
  • Physical stamina and the ability to work on ladders or scaffolding when needed.
  • Knowledge of safety regulations and the ability to work safely at heights.
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.

Additional Information:

  • Building Painters work on a variety of projects, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.
  • Work hours may vary based on project requirements and weather conditions.
  • Properly applied paint not only enhances the appearance of structures but also provides protection against environmental factors, making the role of Building Painter vital in maintaining and improving building aesthetics and longevity in Finland.
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