Internships in New Zealand

Prabesh Group has partnered with organizations and establishments that specialize in organizing internship programs abroad in New Zealand. which is an organization with long experience and expertise in organizing projects The objectives of the internship program are as follows: to give children a chance who are studying in the field of hospitality The field of kitchen and tourism has gained a learning experience of a universal working system. and develop professional skills to be professional Exchange culture with colleagues from various countries. Traveled to New Zealand, a country known for being one of the world’s most beautiful and safe countries, and developed English language skills. both at work and in daily life.

***This program is a cultural exchange through internship and living with New Zealanders, not an employment program or for income or employment purposes. Income earned by the program participants through a subsistence internship and personal expenses during their participation in the program in New Zealand.

project objectives

New Zealand applicant
New Zealand applicants

Applicant qualifications

Application process

Take a preliminary English proficiency test at Interchange Thailand (free of charge)
UAS Student
Pay the application fee and the first portion of the project fee in acceptance of participation in the program.
Prepare application documents and attend interviews with organizations and employers.
Get accepted and pay the project fee.
Prepare supporting documents for joining the program and supporting documents for visa applications.
Applying visa
Orientation before departure
Orientation before departure
Traveled to join the project in New Zealand
Traveled to join the project in the United States.

Cost of operation

Job List


Open for applications throughout the year But should apply at least 4-6 months in advance.

Can go but should have experience in hotel internships

Able to go, depending on the position to be trained and the decision to accept from the internship place The position obtained is related to the level of English.

You can ask for more promotion details at WhatsApp:

+66 95 054 0067


The organization and/or employer will provide accommodation advice to program participants.

They usually work an average of 30 hours per week. The minimum wage is about $NZ18 per hour.

You can request it. However, acceptance of internships is subject to the consideration of the establishment only.

Apprenticeship visas are for internships that are required to complete an internship in a course specified by the university.

Applicants must purchase health insurance before applying for a visa.

can reserve by yourself and only make reservations after receiving a visa from the embassy

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