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                                                                  Registration of Limited Liability Company

Registering a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Ukraine. A LLC (in Ukrainian – ‘TOV’) is the most popular form of business structure in Ukraine. Among other benefits, it offers limited liability which means owners’ liability is limited to the amount of their investment in the company. Sections below provide detailed information on step-by-step LLC registration process, minimum statutory requirements, documents which have to be filed for the state registration of LLC, and list of documents which you as company founder (shareholder) should bring to Ukraine for registration of LLC.

                                                                                              Key Expertise:

                                                                                       Comprehensive advice on the registration procedure

                                                                              Submission and support of documents in the registration authorities

                                                                                                     Registration in all government bodies

                                                                                          Preparation of a full package of constituent documents


Registration Of Limited Liability Company

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Tax Identification Code

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Virtual Office

Every company is required to have a local legal address. A virtual office is also a suitable option for a company that doesn’t need a physical office.

Bank Account

Opening a Business bank account

Legal Business Address

Each company must have a local registered address in Ukraine which acts as the place of office, management of the company and from where company conducts its activities.

Registration Of LLC

We offer the full range of services related to Limited liability company formation.

Company Seal

Stamp of registered company

Private Entrepreneur Registration

The most common form of doing business in Ukraine is private entrepreneurship. It is the most popular form of small business, IT business and services.

Temporary (Nominee) Director

Ukraine company incorporation requires the designation of at least one Nominee Director.

Electronic Digital Signature

Obtaining EDS keys (electronic digital signature)


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